Our Mission:

The Calgary Sexual Health Centre aims to normalize sexual health in Alberta by providing evidence-informed, non-judgmental sexual and reproductive health programs and services.

Our Vision:

All Albertans experience healthy sexuality across the lifespan.


Calgary Sexual Health Centre focuses on three areas: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Relationships and Healthy Communities.

Healthy Bodies

When we understand our bodies, we take care of them, feel good about them, and make good decisions about our sexual health.

Healthy Relationships

Our emphasis on healthy relationships means that our programs have an impact on the issues of bullying, homophobia, and violence prevention, just to name a few.

Healthy Communities

We work with various communities and train nurses, doctors, social workers and other professionals to talk about healthy sexuality with the people they work with.


Calgary Sexual Health Centre is grateful for the ongoing support it receives from many funding organizations, individuals, and corporate donors.

We are funded by:

  • F.C.S.S.
  • United Way and United Way Donor Options
  • Alberta Lottery Fund
  • The Calgary Foundation
  • Alberta Community HIV Fund
  • and Community Donors