Creating a Culture of Consent: Community Bystander Interventions

#CalgaryGetsConsent In this workshop, participants will increase their knowledge and identify how media and society perpetuate harmful messages about consent, relationships and sexual violence. Participants will explore and discuss the bystander effect, some common barriers to intervention, and the importance of using pro-social behavior to create more safety in community settings. Finally, workshop participants will learn practical tools that will prepare them to recognize when and how they can be active bystanders when witnessing acts of sexual violence.   Register … Continued

Creating a Culture of Consent: Let’s TALK About Sex!

#CalgaryGetsConsent     This is a workshop about consent in real life. In this workshop, participants will increase their knowledge about what consent realistically looks, sounds, and feels like in practice. We will explore refusals and will begin to build emotional capacity to deal with the feeling of rejection. Participants will leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of consent, as well as tools to talk about and practice healthy communication in relationships.   Register online ►   For more … Continued

Gender Creative Families Night

Calgary Sexual Health Centre, in partnership with Families Matter, is pleased to offer a monthly support group for families and caregivers of gender creative children up to age 14. Gender creative children are kids who express their gender in ways that are different than what others might expect based on their assigned sex at birth. This includes children who may be questioning their gender, transgender, gender non-conforming, gender independent, gender fluid, gender-queer, non-binary, or Two-Spirit. This support group is an … Continued